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Shots fired
Chainsaw Tattoo
Pickens still can't afford to beat OU
Typical OU Fan
Meanwhile in Finland....
Simpsons Information
Info Graphic
9mm Bullet Expansion Chart
Smoking Crab
One awesome history test
Giant Sand Poop
Powdered Bone Slime
Prison Population Over Time
DnD=no Prego
Fred Phelps
Can you see the sniper?
Zombie Flowchart
Meet the World- By Flag
Human Evolution...damn dirty apes!
Batman's Bat Symbols Over the Years
Obama, the quicker f*cker upper!
Terrifying Kids Ride
Women = Problems


Spaceship Size Comparison

Great image of all the spaceships from sci-fi movies and tv shows and their relative sizes to one another.

This image is super huge so you will have to right click and view image to see it all.
Spaceship Size Comparison - Click To View Image