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Will it Blend

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Website created by Blendtec to pitch their awesome sauce blender by demonstrating what they can blend, including iphones, Nike shoes, a Rubik's cube, etc.
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sent in by: darry
last post: darry

gig_the_weasel - A nat 20 is bad?  2/6/2009 2:28:11 PM
The glow sticks were pretty neat.  Too bad the price is $400 and up.
darry - Some men just want to watch the world burn  2/6/2009 3:37:47 PM
Yeah the blender itself is way too expensive, but the videos are neat.

I think it would be cooler if they blended as much as possible through one blender until it burnt out the motor or broke something.

On a random note the host reminds me of Rick's dad lol

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