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Sumo Dawg!

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Sumo Dawg Likes GUNS!
Sumo Dawg dresses like Hitler!
Sumo Dawg in a thong on New Years!
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sent in by: reoiv
last post: gig_the_weasel

gig_the_weasel - A nat 20 is bad?  11/17/2008 9:59:09 AM
I wonder what he does for a living, I didn't see any hint as to a profession on there.
gig_the_weasel - A nat 20 is bad?  11/17/2008 10:44:22 AM
Even better!!!

reoiv - If i see van helsing i swear to the lord i will slay him!  11/17/2008 11:16:42 AM
Is there sound to the video?

Sumo Dawg tried to eat the snow flakes!
gig_the_weasel - A nat 20 is bad?  11/17/2008 11:25:59 AM
It didn't have sound when I saw it.

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