Solar Storms Could Screw Us Up Royally. -
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Solar Storms Could Screw Us Up Royally.

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Our society is dependent on electricity to function and thrive and all it takes is for one huge solar storm to come along and cause a geomagnetic storm.

Think of it as a global Katrina. Yet another thing to be tossed on the pile of what could take down the house of cards we all live in.
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sent in by: reoiv
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Shodin - SEND HIM TO THE PORNO WARD!!!  1/22/2009 7:50:39 AM
Yeah, solar storms are freaking nuts.  I remember back in the late 80's/early 90's or so when we had a lot of solar activity.  I think there were quite a few sun spots (and big ones at that) during that time as well.  It really messed w/communications and power.

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