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Ok guys this is kinda cool. I have been toying around with the 404 error page so that it can kind of guess what you're looking for. Basically what it does is look at what you put in the title bar and then checks it against the database to see if we have anything matching that at all.

So if you put in 'MP3s' it will look for any link with MP3 in the title, then any image then any link text with 'MP3' in it.

Or lets say you try 'Cake Fat Bride' it will look at link titles, images, link descriptions then break it down into pieces and search for both items in the title, images and descriptions. (This example by its very nature won't work BTW because it will find this link first before it breaks down the phrase into Cake, Fat and Bride)

Kinda neat if you can't quite remember if we had that link already or what exactly it was called again.
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sent in by: reoiv

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