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Photoshop Content Aware Fill

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The guys at Adobe have done it again. This time they have created a content aware fill feature. What this does is allows you to crop items out of images and the fill will look at the surrounding features and fill in shapes and images based upon what surrounds it.

This is awesome for a whole ton of reasons. You can really easily crop out stupid people, artifacts or objects in the background of your photos without having to spend hours and hours laboring on it anymore.
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sent in by: reoiv
last post: Shodin

gig_the_weasel - A nat 20 is bad?  3/24/2010 3:52:29 PM
This is so very cool.  I ususally skip through these info-tech-mercials, but this is one is awesome.  I would love to have this software, but unfortunately I cannot afford it.  Photoshop is so expensive.
Shodin - SEND HIM TO THE PORNO WARD!!!  3/25/2010 11:43:05 AM
If this feature works as good it's hyped, the time saved on doing these kinds of actions will more than pay for the software in a short amount of time.  Kudos to Adobe on this one.

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