Lady Gaga video for 'Telephone' -
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Lady Gaga video for 'Telephone'

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This new video is full of strange homages from Tarantino and Caged Heat (a hilarious/horrible sexploitation movie) to MJ and Madonna.  MTV broke down some of the big ones here.

Say what you will about her, she has an innate ability to find the spotlight and make people talk.

The NSFW tag because of a few expletives and 9/10 nude chicas...not too bad, but just fyi.

18+ This link is NSFW (Not Safe For Work)
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sent in by: gig_the_weasel
last post: gig_the_weasel

reoiv - If i see van helsing i swear to the lord i will slay him!  4/10/2010 12:01:58 AM
Just gotta say how much I freaking love this video.

I love it.
gig_the_weasel - A nat 20 is bad?  4/11/2010 3:53:40 PM
It is about time someone else admitted it, lol!

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