Jon Stewart destroys Jim Cramer on the Daily Show -
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Jon Stewart destroys Jim Cramer on the Daily Show

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I'm just floored by how hard Stewart to Cramer to task for his two faced bullsh!t. It is sad when the best journalism in American media comes from a Comedy show.

This is how CNN, Fox News, MSNBC etc should all handle interviews. Indepth research and taking people to task for lying to the public. Put the interviewee off guard and stop lobbing softball interviews. Its time for the media to take their balls out of their purse.
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sent in by: reoiv
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gig_the_weasel - A nat 20 is bad?  3/13/2009 11:30:08 AM
I couldn't get the video to work on the link, but I did see the live show on TV.  That was a great interview, and you know that Cramer left and got a big bottle of Scotch and drank himself sober.  He was completely blindsided by the hard questions and the video to support Stewart's points.

/standing ovation/

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