Government Regulators Aided IndyMac Cover-Up, Maybe Others -
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Government Regulators Aided IndyMac Cover-Up, Maybe Others

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It looks like the current economic situation just keeps getting worse and worse as reports come in that the treasury department helped falsify bank deposit records to make banks look better on paper than they really were.
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sent in by: reoiv
last post: Shodin

Shodin - SEND HIM TO THE PORNO WARD!!!  1/20/2009 6:28:59 AM
The whole thing is unbelievable, but it's those last two sentences that really irk me.

While Dochow could end up losing his job, neither he nor his colleagues are expected to go to prison.

"This is criminal with the small 'c'," said Black. "No one within the regulatory ranks may go to jail, but they have done the worst possible disservice to the taxpayers of America."

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