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Dude gets dumped over stairwell

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The vid title says he tries to do a handstand then dies but I'm totally not sure of what's going on.

Idiot Dies Attempting Handstand In Subway
He better hurry if he wants to catch the green line to heaven.
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sent in by: darry
last post: gig_the_weasel

reoiv - If i see van helsing i swear to the lord i will slay him!  12/11/2008 2:15:20 PM
Yeah he got shoved. Not sure if he meant to or not but that is freaking crazy.

darry - Some men just want to watch the world burn  12/11/2008 2:54:04 PM
I'm going with it was the shover and the camera man together "attacking" someone else.  I'm basing this on the fact that both guys seemed to care less if he was hurt or not, the camera man is laughing even.  Either they did it to him to hurt him or they're just the worst friends you could possibly have.
reoiv - If i see van helsing i swear to the lord i will slay him!  12/11/2008 3:00:55 PM
I'm not sure what the relationship is to the people running the camera.

They didn't seem concerned about the person at all. Which is crazy to me.
gig_the_weasel - A nat 20 is bad?  12/11/2008 4:33:32 PM
Its like one of those crazy stories you here about the Russian mob doing to people, and how they do this crap and no one blinks or speaks.

This was one of the stranger things I've seen here, and that says something.

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