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DVDVideoSoft: Youtube To MP3 Converter

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I love MP3s.
I love Youtube.
I love not having to pay for MP3s ever again by ripping them directly from Youtube videos.

This is bar-none the easiest way to get MP3s of your favorite songs without having to worry about the RIAA, or viruses, or the wrong version etc.

What you do is install the program (YouTube to MP3 Converter from DVDVideoSoft), fire it up, then just past in the URL or URLs of a Youtube video/s you want an MP3 of and hit download. The program does the rest. Now you can have any MP3 your heart desires as long as there is a Youtube video of it.

The nice thing is if you use Audacity you can trim the MP3 to Ringtone size for use on your cellphone.
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