Corey Haim dead at 38 -
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Corey Haim dead at 38

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Haim died guessed it drug overdose!
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sent in by: gig_the_weasel
last post: Shodin

reoiv - If i see van helsing i swear to the lord i will slay him!  3/10/2010 9:29:06 AM
Wow, that is kinda sad actually. What will Feldman do?

How can they make a Lucas2 now?
darry - Some men just want to watch the world burn  3/10/2010 3:52:14 PM
Maybe it'll be Lucas 2: The Afterlife
gig_the_weasel - A nat 20 is bad?  3/10/2010 4:14:03 PM
I suppose he could be brought back in Lost Boys 3: Vampire Overdose!!
Shodin - SEND HIM TO THE PORNO WARD!!!  3/10/2010 6:12:04 PM
Sucks that it happened but no surprise really.  He's been messed up for years.

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