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Bathroom Grafitti Project

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A collection of photographs detailing the art left behind in bathroom stalls.  Some of the pictures and text are NSFW but they are thumbnails and can be usually be skipped over easily.

18+ This link is NSFW (Not Safe For Work)
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sent in by: darry
last post: reoiv

darry - Some men just want to watch the world burn  3/17/2010 12:00:39 PM
This is my favorite but it's NSFW
reoiv - If i see van helsing i swear to the lord i will slay him!  3/17/2010 1:25:33 PM
I've wanted to do this for a long long time and now someone else has.

I was thinking of a site called Bathroom Cave Art or something. Because that is essentially what it is.

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